Battle Of Monck's Corner

The Battle of Monck's Corner was fought on April 14, 1780, outside the city of Charleston, South Carolina, which was under siege by British forces under the command of General Sir Henry Clinton in the American Revolutionary War.

The British Legion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, surprised an American force stationed at Monck's Corner, and drove them away. The action cut off an avenue of escape for the Benjamin Lincoln's besieged army.

The British attacked at 3 am on April 14, quickly pushing the sentries back into the main camp. What followed quickly became a rout. In the end the British lost only two men, the Americans lost 5 officers and 15 privates killed or wounded, 7 officers and 60 men captured. The biggest prize was 184 horses, of which 82 were trained cavalry mounts, which Tarleton desparately needed.