Battle Of Klock's Field

On October 19, 1780, John Johnson's army of Loyalists - consisting of units from the King's Royal Regiment of New York, Butler's Rangers, and Brant's Volunteers destroyed homes and farm buildings in the area around Stone Arabia, a tiny crossroads hamlet two miles east of Nelliston, New York. They then struck eastwards towards the settlements along the Mohawk Valley. Late that afternoon Robert Van Rensselaer, commanding units of the Patriot militia, caught up with Johnson on a farm owned by Jacob Klock just east of Johnstown, New York.

The two forces clashed in what is known as the Battle of Klock's Field. The Patriots outflanked the Loyalists and Johnson's troops began a fighting retreat. Johnson's men were forced to abaondon their cannon and much of their baggage.

Nevetheless, it was said after this campaign that "everything except the soil is destroyed from Fort Hunter to Stone Arabia", a twenty-mile swath of the Mohawk Valley..