What Happened in Oct 1780

  • Major John AndrĂ© Is Hanged

    On October 2, 1780, British intelligence officer Major John AndrĂ© was hanged as a spy in Tappan, New York. Captured on his return to New York City... Read more

  • Battle of King's Mountain

    The battle opened on October 7, 1780, around 3 pm when 900 Patriots (including John Crockett, the father of Davy Crockett), approached the steep... Read more

  • Great Hurricane of 1780

    The Great Hurricane of 1780, also known as the Hurricane San Calixto II, is the deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record. Over 27,500 people died... Read more

  • Royalton Raid

    The Royalton Raid was a British-led Indian raid in 1780 against various towns along the White River Valley, Vermont, and was part of the American... Read more

  • Battle Of Klock's Field

    On October 19, 1780, John Johnson's army of Loyalists - consisting of units from the King's Royal Regiment of New York, Butler's Rangers, and... Read more