What Happened in 1780

  • Battle Of Cape St. Vincent

    The naval Battle of Cape St Vincent, or Battle of Cape Santa Maria, took place off the coast of Portugal on 16 January 1780, during the American... Read more

  • Battle Of Young's House

    In February 1780, an American force was posted in and around "Young's House," in the town of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, New York. This... Read more

  • Battle of Fort Charlotte

    On March 1, Gálvez sent a letter to Durnford offering to accept his surrender, which was politely rejected. Gálvez began setting up gun batteries... Read more

  • Siege Of Charleston

    The Siege of Charleston was one of the major battles which took place towards the end of the American Revolutionary War, after the British began to... Read more

  • Battle Of Monck's Corner

    The Battle of Monck's Corner was fought on April 14, 1780, outside the city of Charleston, South Carolina, which was under siege by British forces... Read more

  • Battle of Martinique

    In the first meeting between them on April 17 to the leeward of Martinique, Guichen escaped disaster only through the clumsy manner in which Sir... Read more

  • Battle Of Lenud's Ferry

    The Battle of Lenud's Ferry was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that was fought on May 6, 1780 in present-day Berkeley County, South... Read more

  • Battle of St. Louis

    The British arrived on May 26 and savagely handled a group of farmers and slaves on the outskirts of town before rushing into the deadly volleys... Read more

  • Battle of Waxhaws

    On May 29, 1780, Tarleton caught up with Buford in the Waxhaws, at a crossroads in what is now Buford, South Carolina. Governor Rutledge, alerted... Read more

  • Battle Of Connecticut Farms

    The Battle of Connecticut Farms was one of the last battles between British and American forces during the American Revolutionary War. On June... Read more

  • Battle Of Mobley's Meeting House

    The Battle of Mobley’s Meeting House is an engagement that occurred during the American Revolutionary War in the Mobley Settlement, Fairfield... Read more

  • Battle of Ramsour's Mill

    When the cavalry leading the Patriot column approached, the guards posted on the road fired their weapons and retreated to join their main body.... Read more

  • Battle Of Springfield

    The Battle of Springfield was a battle fought in the American Revolutionary War. Long thought to have been a raid in force, British records came to... Read more

  • Huck’s Defeat

    Huck’s Defeat or the Battle of Williamson's Plantation was an engagement of the American Revolutionary War that occurred in present York County,... Read more

  • Battle Of Colson's Mill

    The Battle of Colson's Mill was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that took place in North Carolina on July 21, 1780. A Patriot militia... Read more

  • Battle Of Rocky Mount

    The Battle of Rocky Mount took place on August 1, 1780 as part of the American War of Independence. Loyalists commanded by Lieutenant Colonel... Read more

  • Battle of Hanging Rock

    Sumter decided on a plan of attack of assaulting the camp in three mounted detachments. The initial assault was made early in the morning where... Read more

  • Battle of Camden

    Both armies advanced at each other just after dawn. The British troops opened the battle, when the right flank fired a volley into the militia... Read more

  • Battle Of Fishing Creek

    The Battle of Fishing Creek, also called War on Sugar Creek, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on August 18, 1780, between American... Read more

  • Battle Of Musgrove Mill

    The Battle of Musgrove Mill, August 19, 1780, occurred near a ford of the Enoree River, near the present-day border between Spartanburg, Laurens... Read more

  • Battle Of Black Mingo

    The Battle of Black Mingo was a skirmish during the American Revolution. It took place in September of 1780 in the vicinity of Dollard's Tavern... Read more

  • Battle Of Wahab's Plantation

    The Battle of Wahab's Plantation was a surprise attack on a Loyalist camp by Patriot militia under the command of William Davie on September 20,... Read more

  • Benedict Arnold Commits Treason

    Arnold and André finally met on September 21 at Joshua Hett Smith's house. On the morning of September 22, James Livingston, the colonel in charge... Read more

  • Benedict Arnold's Treason Discovered

    Benedict Arnold and John André finally met on September 21 at Joshua Hett Smith's house. On the morning of September 22, James Livingston, the... Read more

  • Battle Of Charlotte

    The Battle of Charlotte was an American Revolutionary War battle fought in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26, 1780. The battle took place... Read more