Carleton's Raid

Carleton's Raid was a British raid during the American War of Independence.

On October 24, 1778, with snow already on the ground but before Lake Champlain had frozen, a fleet of ships left Ile aux Noix for the southern part of Lake Champlain. The ships were the HMS Carleton and HMS Maria, both of which had fought at the Battle of Valcour Island in 1776.

They were supported by 2 gun boats and many batteaux. The British Army forces were made up of regulars from the 29th, 31st, 53rd Regiments of Foot and the Royal Artillery supported by Loyalists from the King's Royal Regiment of New York, Hessian Jägers and about 100 Indian allies for a total force of 454 men. The force was led by Major Christopher Carleton of the 29th Regiment of Foot.

I propose to send a respectable party, which will be covered by some ships and Gun Boats, and that it shall be as late as possible in going out as the damage it may then do the enemy will be irreparable this season.”

— Frederick Haldimand, Governor-General of Canada