What Happened in 1778

  • Beethoven's Early Years

    Beethoven's first music teacher was his father. A traditional belief concerning Johann is that he was a harsh instructor, and that the child... Read more

  • Northern Theater Of The American Revolutionary War After Saratoga

    The Northern theater of the American Revolutionary War after Saratoga consisted of a series of battles between American revolutionaries and British... Read more

  • Naval Operations In The American Revolutionary War

    The naval operations of the American Revolutionary War (also, mostly in British usage, American War of Independence), divide themselves naturally... Read more

  • France declares war on Britain in support of the American colonies

    France entered the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) in 1778, and assisted in the victory of the Americans seeking independence from Britain... Read more

  • Franco-American Alliance Signed

    On February 6, 1778, France and the fledgling United States of America signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance in Paris,... Read more

  • Battle Of Quinton's Bridge

    The Battle of Quinton's Bridge was a small battle of the American Revolutionary War; it took place on March 18, 1778. The battle was a technical... Read more

  • Frederica Naval Action

    Early on the morning of April 19, Elbert took the galleys down the river to attack the British ships, which were already ranged in their order of... Read more

  • North Channel Naval Duel

    The formalities completed, Ranger turned sharply and fired a broadside at the following Drake. The British were unable to reply immediately- and... Read more

  • Battle Of Crooked Billet

    The Battle of Crooked Billet was a battle in the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought on May 1, 1778 near Crooked Billet... Read more

  • Battle of Barren Hill

    On May 20, the British launched their attack. The militia scattered at the sight of the British troops, not offering any resistance and failing to... Read more

  • Battle Of Freetown

    The Battle of Freetown was a skirmish between American colonists and a British naval ship during the American Revolutionary War. The action took... Read more

  • Battle of Cobleskill

    In 1778 the settlement of Cobleskill, New York consisted of twenty families living in farms spread out along Cobleskill Creek. As it was on the... Read more

  • Battle of Monmouth

    Lee, as Washington's senior subordinate, was initially appointed commander of the advance force, but turned it down because of his doubts about the... Read more

  • Battle of Alligator Bridge

    In the spring of 1778 an invasion of British East Florida was organized by Georgia Governor John Houstoun and Continental Army General Robert Howe.... Read more

  • Illinois campaign

    The Illinois campaign was a series of events in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) in which a small force of Virginia militiamen led by... Read more

  • Battle Of Wyoming

    The Battle of Wyoming was an encounter during the American Revolutionary War between American Patriots and Loyalists accompanied by Iroquois... Read more

  • Battle Of Ushant

    The Battle of Ushant (also called the First Battle of Ushant) took place on 27 July 1778, during the American War of Independence, fought between... Read more

  • Siege Of Pondicherry

    The 1778 Siege of Pondicherry was the first military action on the Indian subcontinent following the declaration of war between Great Britain and... Read more

  • Battle Of Rhode Island

    The Battle of Rhode Island, also known as the Battle of Quaker Hill, took place on August 29, 1778, when units of the Continental Army under the... Read more

  • Siege of Boonesborough

    Gunfire was exchanged over the next several days. After the initial flurry of shooting, Boone—who reemerged as the natural leader even though as a... Read more

  • Attack on German Flatts

    On September 17, 1778 during the American Revolution, German Flatts was attacked by Loyalists and Iroquois. A force of several hundred men from... Read more

  • Baylor Massacre

    On September 22, 1778, Gen. Sir Henry Clinton ordered Maj. Gen. Sir Charles Grey, Maj. Gen. The Marquess Charles Cornwallis,and Brigadier General... Read more

  • Little Egg Harbor Massacre

    The Little Egg Harbor massacre took place in New Jersey during the American Revolution. The massacre has been little studied in modern times, and... Read more

  • Battle of Chestnut Neck

    The Battle of Chestnut Neck was a battle fought in New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War,... Read more

  • Carleton's Raid

    Carleton's Raid was a British raid during the American War of Independence. On October 24, 1778, with snow already on the ground but before Lake... Read more