What Happened in 1777

  • Forage War

    The Forage War was a partisan war consisting of numerous small skirmishes that took place in New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War in... Read more

  • The Paris Journey

    (1777 - 1779) W. A. Mozart travelled to Paris alone with his mother since the court had not given his father permission to leave Salzburg. The... Read more

  • Philadelphia Campaign

    The Philadelphia campaign (1777–1778) was a British initiative in the American Revolutionary War. The campaign was controversial because, although... Read more

  • Battle Of The Assunpink Creek

    The Battle of the Assunpink Creek also known as The Second Battle of Trenton was an American victory that took place on January 2, 1777, during the... Read more

  • Battle of Princeton

    The Battle of Princeton (January 3, 1777) was a battle in which General Washington's revolutionary forces defeated British forces near Princeton,... Read more

  • Padre Thomas Peña Founds Mission Santa Clara De Asís

    The first mission to be built to honor a woman, the outpost was originally established as La Misión Santa Clara de Thamien (or Mission Santa Clara... Read more

  • Battle Of Millstone

    The Battle of Millstone, also known as the Battle of Van Nest's Mills, was a skirmish that occurred on January 20, 1777 during the American... Read more

  • Battle Of Bound Brook

    The Battle of Bound Brook, one of the battles in the New York and New Jersey campaign during the American Revolutionary War, occurred on April 13,... Read more

  • Battle Of Thomas Creek

    The Battle of Thomas Creek on May 17, 1777 was the final engagement in the second of three disastrous attempts by American forces to invade British... Read more

  • Meigs Raid

    Meigs Raid (also known as the Battle of Sag Harbor) was a guerrilla raid by American forces on the British at Sag Harbor, New York on May 23, 1777... Read more

  • Saratoga Campaign

    The Saratoga campaign was an attempt by Great Britain to gain military control of the strategically important Hudson River valley in 1777 during... Read more

  • The Continental Congress Approved The Design Of A National Flag

    Since 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14, Americans have... Read more

  • Battle Of Short Hills

    The Battle of Short Hills (or the Battle of Metuchen Meetinghouse) was a conflict between a force of Americans commanded by General William... Read more

  • Battle of Ticonderoga

    The 1777 Battle of Ticonderoga occurred between 2 and 6 July 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga, near the southern end of Lake Champlain in the state of New... Read more

  • Battle Of Hubbardton

    The Battle of Hubbardton was an engagement in the Saratoga campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought in the village of Hubbardton, then in... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Anne

    The Battle of Fort Anne, fought on July 8, 1777, was an engagement between Continental Army forces in retreat from Fort Ticonderoga and forward... Read more

  • Siege Of Fort Stanwix

    The Siege of Fort Stanwix (also known at the time as Fort Schuyler) began on August 2, 1777, and ended August 22. Fort Stanwix, in the Mohawk River... Read more

  • Battle of Oriskany

    The Battle of Oriskany, fought on August 6, 1777, was one of the bloodiest battles in the American Revolutionary War and a significant engagement... Read more

  • Battle of Bennington

    The Battle of Bennington was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that took place on August 16, 1777, in Walloomsac, New York, about 10 miles... Read more

  • Battle Of Staten Island

    The Battle of Staten Island occurred during the American Revolutionary War on August 22, 1777. The encounter was a raid by troops from American... Read more

  • Battle Of Cooch's Bridge

    The Battle of Cooch's Bridge was a minor skirmish action between American militia and Hessian troops during the American Revolutionary War. On... Read more

  • Battle of Brandywine

    September 11 began with a heavy fog, which provided cover for the British troops. Washington received contradictory reports about the British troop... Read more

  • Battle of the Clouds

    The Battle of the Clouds (also known as the Battle of Warren, Battle of Whitehorse Tavern, or the Battle of Goshen) was an engagement of the... Read more

  • Battle of Saratoga

    The Battles of Saratoga, sometimes referred to as The Battle of Saratoga (September 19 and October 7, 1777) conclusively decided the fate of... Read more