George Washington Writes A Letter To The Continental Congress

On March 24, 1776, one week after the British troops under General William Howe evacuated Boston, General George Washington wrote a letter to the Continental Congress.

General Washington expressed his "surprize and disappointment" that the British fleet had not departed the harbor and described its various exploits while still in the region.

The Continental Army had besieged the British-held city since the battles at Lexington and Concord in April 1775. The siege ended after General Washington seized Dorchester Heights and trained cannon on the city and the harbor.

When I had the Honor to address you the 19th Instant, upon the evacuation of the Town of Boston by the Ministerial Army, I fully expected, as their retreat and embarkation were hurried and precipitate, that before now they would have departed the Harbour, and been far in their passage to the place of Destination.”

— George Washington's Letter