Battle Of The Rice Boats

The Battle of the Rice Boats was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that took place in the Savannah River on the border between the Province of Georgia and the Province of South Carolina.

The battle, which pitted colonial militia against the Royal Navy, took place on March 2 and 3, 1776. It is sometimes referred to as the Battle of Yamacraw Bluff.

Further north, a group of merchant ships carrying rice was attacked by British warships on March 2, 1776, and their cargoes of rice were seized. Georgians reacted quickly. About 600 Georgian militia, joined by about 500 Whigs from South Carolina, set the ship Inverness ablaze and cut it loose. The fire ship drifted into the British brig Nelly. These two ships drifted downstream, setting three more ships on fire. The British squadron was forced to retire.

Patriot Colonel Lachlan McIntosh was present, but it is unknown if he commanded the Patriot forces.