Paul Revere is Stationed at Castle Island, Massachusetts

The island got its name from the fact that every fort located here was always informally known as "The Castle."

Quickly appreciated for its strategic location for the protection of Boston from sea attack, the first fortification on Castle Island was an earthwork and three cannon ordered in 1634 by Governor Dudley of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

After the evacuating British destroyed the islandˆs fortifications 1776, the fort was repaired by troops under the command of Lt. Paul Revere.

The present five pointed granite structure is the eighth fort to occupy this site and contains over 172,687 linear feet of hammered stone and was constructed under the direction of Colonel Sylvanus Thayer between 1834 and 1851.

Upon returning to Boston in 1776, Revere was commissioned a Major of infantry in the Massachusetts militia in April of that year. In November he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of artillery, and was stationed at Castle William, defending Boston harbor, finally receiving command of this fort. He served in an expedition to Rhode Island in 1778, and in the following year participated in the disastrous Penobscot Expedition. Revere and his troops saw little action at this post, but they did participate in minor expeditions to Newport, Rhode Island and Worcester. Revere's rather undistinguished military career ended with the failed Penobscot expedition. After his return he was accused of having disobeyed the orders of one of his commanding officers, and dismissed from the militia. Revere returned to his businesses at that time, but was later cleared of the charges by a court martial.