What Happened in 1776

  • "Common Sense" Published

    Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, during the American Revolution. Common... Read more

  • Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

    The evening before the battle, a small scouting party approached the bridge and saw only a small encampment on the north side of the bridge. They... Read more

  • Battle Of Nassau

    The Battle of Nassau (March 2 – March 3, 1776) was a naval action and amphibious assault by American forces against British-occupied Nassau in the... Read more

  • Battle Of The Rice Boats

    The Battle of the Rice Boats was a battle of the American Revolutionary War that took place in the Savannah River on the border between the... Read more

  • Fortification Of Dorchester Heights

    The Fortification of Dorchester Heights was a decisive action early in the American Revolutionary War that precipitated the end of the siege of... Read more

  • Evacuation Day

    The 11-month siege of Boston ended when the Continental Army, under the command of George Washington, fortified Dorchester Heights in early March... Read more

  • George Washington Writes A Letter To The Continental Congress

    On March 24, 1776, one week after the British troops under General William Howe evacuated Boston, General George Washington wrote a letter to the... Read more

  • Battle Of Saint-Pierre

    The Battle of Saint-Pierre was a military confrontation on March 25, 1776, near the Quebec village of Saint-Pierre, south of Quebec City. This... Read more

  • Mary Anne Clarke Is Born

    Mary Anne Clarke (born Mary Anne Thompson 3 April 1776–21 June 1852) was the mistress of Frederick, Duke of York and became the Duke's mistress in... Read more

  • North Carolina Advocated Independence

    On April 12, 1776, North Carolina's Provincial Congress authorized its delegates to the Second Continental Congress to vote for independence. The... Read more

  • Battle Of The Cedars

    The Battle of the Cedars (French: Les Cèdres) was a series of military confrontations, involving limited combat, between May 19 and 27, 1776, early... Read more

  • Battle Of Trois-Rivières

    The Battle of Trois-Rivières (Three Rivers in English) was fought on June 8, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War. A British army under... Read more

  • The Virginia Declaration of Rights

    Articles 1-3 address the subject of rights and the relationship between government and the governed. Article 1 states that "all men are by nature... Read more

  • Battle of Sullivan's Island

    At around 9 AM, on June 28, the British fleet fired a signal gun to advance against the fort. Less than an hour later, the nine warships arrived at... Read more

  • Carolina Day

    Carolina Day is the day set aside to commemorate the first decisive victory of the American Revolutionary War. On June 28, 1776, a small band of... Read more

  • The First Virginia Constitution

    The preparation of the first Virginia Constitution began in early 1776, in the midst of the early events of the American Revolution. Among those... Read more

  • New York And New Jersey Campaign

    The New York and New Jersey campaign was a series of battles in the American Revolutionary War between British forces under General Sir William... Read more

  • United States Declaration of Independence

    IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes... Read more

  • Battle of Long Island

    At 9:00 am, Washington arrived from Manhattan. Around this time five British ships attempted to sail up the East River to cut off any possible... Read more

  • British Occupation of New York

    On September 15, 1776, General Howe landed at Kip's Bay. General Washington's troops were spread so thinly here that he had to retreat and again... Read more

  • Landing At Kip's Bay

    The Landing at Kip's Bay was a British maneuver during the New York Campaign in the American Revolutionary War on September 15, 1776, occurring on... Read more

  • Battle of Harlem Heights

    On the morning of September 16, Washington received word that the British were advancing. Washington, who had been expecting an attack, sent a... Read more

  • Nathan Hale Is Hanged

    On September 22, 1776, American patriot Nathan Hale was hanged for spying on British troops. As he was led to the gallows, Hale's famous last... Read more

  • Battle of Valcour Island

    Carleton's fleet, commanded by Captain Thomas Pringle, which included 50 unarmed support vessels, sailed onto Lake Champlain on October 9. Moving... Read more

  • Battle of Pell's Point

    At dawn, the British began to land on the shore, an advance guard of 4,000 British and Hessian troops landing first. Inland, opposing them, was a... Read more