Battle Of Kemp's Landing

The Battle of Kemp's Landing, also known as the Skirmish of Kempsville, was a battle in the American Revolutionary War that occurred on November 15, 1775.

Militia companies in Princess Anne County, Virginia, assembled at Kemp's Landing to fight the British that had gathered there under the command of Virginia's last colonial governor, John Murray, Lord Dunmore. Lord Dunmore had called in British troops to the Landing to defend a large store of gunpowder recently moved there from the nearby borough of Norfolk.

The ambush was spoiled when Hutching's inexperienced militiamen opened fire too early. Dunmore's disciplined regulars returned fire, and most of the Patriot militia scattered. A number of them that persisted in fighting were eventually captured, including Hutchings (who was captured by one of his own former slaves). Lawson escaped the immediate battle, but was captured a few days later while trying to reach North Carolina.