What Happened in 1758

  • Battle On Snowshoes

    The 1758 Battle on Snowshoes occurred on March 13, 1758, during the French and Indian War. It was fought by members of British Ranger companies led... Read more

  • Siege Of Louisbourg

    The Siege of Louisbourg was a pivotal battle of the French and Indian War (the North American theater of the Seven Years' War) in 1758 which ended... Read more

  • Battle Of Carillon

    In 1758 two of the British expeditions were successful, with Fort Duquesne and Louisbourg falling to sizable British forces. The third was stopped... Read more

  • Carlo Rezzonico (Clement XIII) elected Pope

    Pope Clement XIII (Venice, 7 March 1693 – 2 February 1769 in Rome), born Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico, was Pope from 16 July 1758 to 2 February... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Frontenac

    The Battle of Fort Frontenac took place on August 26 and 27, 1758 during the Seven Years' War (referred to as the French and Indian War in North... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Ligonier

    The Battle of Fort Ligonier (also known as the Battle of Loyalhanna or the Battle of Loyal Hannon) was a battle of the French and Indian War. On 12... Read more