What Happened in 1757

  • Battle On Snowshoes

    The 1757 Battle on Snowshoes was a skirmish fought between Rogers' Rangers and French and Indian troops during the French and Indian War on January... Read more

  • Battle Of Sabbath Day Point

    The Battle of Sabbath Day Point took place on 23 July 1757 just off the shore of Sabbath Day Point, Lake George, NY and ended in a French victory.... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort William Henry

    The Battle of Fort William Henry or Siege of Fort William Henry was General Montcalm's siege and capture of the British–held Fort William Henry in... Read more

  • Attack On German Flatts

    On November 12, 1757 during the French and Indian War, a company of French and Indian warriors stage an attack on German Flatts in the British... Read more

  • Second Battle Of Bloody Creek

    The Second Battle of Bloody Creek was an episode in the French and Indian War, where a detachment of British soldiers from nearby Annapolis Royal... Read more