Paul Revere Is Born

Revere was likely born in very late December, 1734, in Boston's North End, the son of a French Huguenot father and a Boston mother.

Revere had numerous siblings with whom he appears to have been not particularly close. Revere's father, born Apollos Rivoire, came to Boston at the age of 13 and was apprenticed to a silversmith. By the time he married Deborah Hichborn, a member of a long-standing Boston family that owned a small shipping wharf, Rivoire had anglicized his name to Paul Revere. Apollos (now Paul) passed his silver trade to his son Paul. Upon Apollos' death in 1754, Paul was too young by law to officially be the master of the family silver shop; Deborah probably assumed control of the business, while Paul and one of his younger brothers did the silver work.