More than Half of the Town of Springfield is Destroyed by the Pocomtuc Tribe

Springfield remained a small working town when its security was threatened in 1675, during King Philip's War.

The leader of the Wampanoag Indian tribe, Wamsutta, died shortly after being questioned at gunpoint by Plymouth colonists. Soon thereafter, the war began. Wamsutta's brother and successor, Metacomet, known as Philip to the colonists, started war with the colony to avenge his brother's death; the Pocomtuc tribe attacked Springfield and destroyed more than half the town on October 5, 1675.

In October, hostile Indians struck again with raids on the towns of Hatfield, Northampton and Springfield where 30 houses were burned. Attacking warriors now included members of the Agawam tribe. This tribe had been peaceful but became hostile after settlers took some of their children as hostages as a precautionary move against an attack. That only served only to enrage the Agawams and they extracted their revenge at the burning of Springfield.