Johannes Vermeer Paints Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary is a painting finished in 1655 by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

It is housed in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Not currently on public display. National Gallery collection database (IT Gallery - Western Link - Garden Level - Not available online) lists location as 'In Store' - April 28th 2009

Numerous wet-in-wet touches include the details of Martha's waistband, the modeling of the head clothes; and the decoration on the carpet. The speed of execution and the fluidity of the paint is also signified by the splashy, broken edges of many of the forms; such as the upper edge of the table and Mary's profile.
There are several alterations: Christ's profile and ear; the fingers of His left hand; and the edge of Martha's right sleeve. The edge of some of the forms encroach significantly on adjacent areas such as the upper edge of Christ's robe overlapping His tunic. Mary's left hand appears to have been painted over Christ's blue robe.