Anne Boleyn becomes pregnant

Henry was determined to divorce Catherine and marry Anne.

Catherine refused to give him a divorce, and the Catholic Church would not support Henry's position. Several frustrating years passed, with Anne clamoring to be Queen, and Henry trying to make it happen.

In 1532, Anne decided she had best become pregnant as soon as possible before Henry lost interest.

The conference at Calais was something of a political triumph, but, although the French government gave implicit support for Henry's re-marriage and Francis I himself held private conference with Anne, the French King maintained alliances with the Pope which he could not explicitly defy.[60] Soon after returning to Dover, Henry and Anne married in a secret ceremony.[61] She soon became pregnant and, as was the custom with royalty, there was a second wedding service, likewise shrouded in secrecy, which took place in London on 25 January 1533.

Sometime near the end of 1532, Anne finally gave way and by December she was pregnant. To avoid any questions of the legitimacy of the child, Henry was forced into action.