Ferdinand Magellan first voyage with Francisco d'Almeida to India

In March 1505, at the age of 25, Magellan enlisted in the fleet of 22 ships sent to host D. Francisco de Almeida as the first viceroy of Portuguese India.

Although his name does not appear in the chronicles, it is known that he remained there eight years, in Goa, Cochin and Quilon. He participated in several battles, including the battle of Cannanore in 1506, where he was wounded. In 1509 he fought in the battle of Diu[5] and later sailed under Diogo Lopes de Sequeira in the first Portuguese embassy to Malacca, with Francisco Serrão, his friend and possibly cousin.[6] In September, after arriving at Malacca, the expedition fell victim to a conspiracy ending in retreat. Magellan had a crucial role, warning Sequeira and saving Francisco Serrão, who had landed.[7] This performance earned him honors and a promotion.

At a young age he was preoccupied by voyages of discovery. In 1505, sailing with Francisco d’Almeida, Magellan took part in an expedition to India for the purpose of establishing Portuguese royalty in India. By the year 1510 he had been promoted to the rank of captain.

At 12, Magellan became a page to King John II and Queen Eleonora. Here Magellan continued his education, becoming interested in geography and astronomy. At age 20, Magellan first went to sea. In 1505 he was sent to India and in 1506 Magellan journeyed to the East Indies, taking part in expeditions to the Spice Islands. In 1510, Magellan was promoted to the rank of captain. However, after secretly sailing a ship east without permission, he lost his command and was forced to return to Portugal.