Marco Polo marries Donata Badoer

Marco Polo was finally released from captivity in August 1299,[3] and returned home to Venice, where his father and uncle had purchased a large house in the central quarter named contrada San Giovanni Crisostomo.

The company continued its activities and Marco soon became a wealthy merchant. Polo financed other expeditions, but never left Venice again. In 1300, he married Donata Badoer, the daughter of Vitale Badoer, a merchant.[6] They had three daughters, called Fantina, Bellela and Moreta.

He married Donata Badoer, a woman from an old, respected patrician family. Marco would have three children with her: Fantina, Bellela and Moreta. All of them later married into noble families.

Marco was released from prison in 1299 and returned to Venice, where he married
Donata Badoer and had three daughters. He lived in Venice until his death in 1324 at the
age of 70, a tremendously old man for that time. On his deathbed, he uttered his famous
last words: "I have only told the half of what I saw!"